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Beth Piver - - - >My HOOP Videos (selected)

Just a selection of some of my tutorials.
Please visit my
YOUTUBE channel for tons more!

The Whirly Bird HOOP Tutorial

Chest Roll to Back Roll (Contact Roll) Hoop Tutorial

Advanced Reverse Breaks HOOP Tutorial

20 Fancy Advanced Breaks & Paddles HOOP Tutorial

Breaks & Paddles-A Guide to All the Different Kinds!

The Duck & Bunny HOOP Tutorial

Cute cuddly animals? NOPE. One awesomely crazy hoop trick! It's a head ducking,
face breaking, bunny-eared elbow hooping extravaganza!
Also in this tutorial: 2 Ducks & a BUNNY!

Elbow Paddles HOOP Tutorial

The Gyroscope (Smear vs Isolation) Hoop Tutorial

Paddles From Above Hoop Tutorial

Twin Chest Roll To Hug/Crosser Weave Transition Hoop Tutorial

The Butterfly Hoop Tutorial

The Criss Cross & Toss Hoop Tutorial

The Two Hand Twist Hoop Tutorial

Front Shoulder Pass HOOP Tutorial

2 Hand Isolations (with tracing) HOOP Tutorial

The Double Elbow Weave (behind the back) HOOP Tutorial

The Double Elbow Weave (front) HOOP Tutorial

The Isolation Flip Flop HOOP Tutorial

The Psychedelic Escalator HOOP Tutorial

The Climb Isolation HOOP Tutorial

The Knee Fling HOOP Tutorial

Shoulder Spin to Elbow Combo HOOP Tutorial

The Body Wrap HOOP Tutorial

Double Shoulder Duck Out HOOP Tutorial

HOOP FLIP-tutorial!