New & Noteworthy HOOP TRICKS

This is a new page at HOOP-TRIX that will highlight just a few new &/or noteworthy tricks. The video links for each of these tutorials will remain listed under their respective categories, even when the videos are no longer shown on this page.

REFRESH the page each time you visit to see newly added tutorials!

New 5-15-20:

New 3-19-20:

New 2-1-20:

New 11-17-19:

New 11-17-19:

New 7-20-19:

New 5-29-19:

New 5-16-19:

New 4-25-19:

New 4-25-19:

New 3-2-19:

New 1-20-19:

New 12-30-18:

New 12-4-18:

New 9-30-18:

New 9-7-18:

New 8-11-18:

New 7-13-18:

New 6-17-18:

New 5-13-18:

New 4-24-18:

New 4-1-18:

New 3-16-18:

New 2-9-18:

New 1-24-18:

NEW videos are new to the hoop trick list, and not necessarily new to the web.

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