Add color to your BubbleRing or POLYPRO Hoop!

bubblering color

polypro crin

I recently bought a
BubbleRing from LanternSmith, but didn't get the colored glowing option. And since my life pretty much revolves around color, I couldn't just have a plain clear plastic hoop. These hoops are just begging to have something colorful put inside! This is a really easy & inexpensive way to do that. is where I learned how to do this, & they have a good selection of tubular ribbon. (Also, Sunny at gave me the great idea of using the fishing weight & string. Much thanks goes out to her!)
You can also do this for your POLYPRO hoop, but the color will be a little muted (because polypro is not completely transparent), so keep that in mind when choosing your colors. Go BRIGHT!


Hoopsupplies--->POLYPRO hoops or tubing
.............................& tubular ribbons

What you'll need:
• BubbleRing or PolyPro Hoop
• tubular ribbon
• fishing weight
• string, a foot or so longer than your hoop's tubing length
• tape (any kind will do)

What to do:
Open up your hoop & take out the connector from both sides.

Attach the fishing weight to the string & feed it through the hoop until the fishing weight comes out the other end.

Wrap a small piece of tape around the end of the tubular ribbon & the end of the string (unweighted side), leaving a few inches to tie a knot around the taped end.

Pull the string & attached tubular ribbon through your hoop.

From each end of your hoop, cut off the string and the other end of the tubular ribbon, leaving just a bit of the ribbon sticking out.

Reconnect your hoop.



polypro crin end

polypro crin weight

Or you can add Glitter.
I only had a little glitter to test how it would work inside the polycarb tubing. Works pretty well, doesn't spread evenly, but I kinda like that. I think I'll add more glitter at some point.....

glitter polycarb

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