Tips for learning tricks!

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I have been hooping now for about 10 years (since 2009) & I learned just
about every trick that I know from tutorials or from teaching myself a trick that
I saw in a hoop video. Here are some tips that have helped me to learn tricks from videos:

Firstly, I believe that the most important tip is to learn all (or at least most) of your tricks in both currents. And with both hands. Just make yourself do it!! You'll thank me later!!

For each trick, watch more than one tutorial. Watch as many as you can until you learn it! Everyone teaches differently & sometimes you'll be watching & all of a sudden you'll see the one thing that makes all the difference for you, & it finally clicks.

Break up the trick into chunks. Try to learn the beginning, then try to learn the end & then fill in with the middle. Or, just do one part of the trick & ace that, then another part, then another part until you can put them all together.

Exaggerate your moves.

Picture the move in your head, envision where you want the hoop to be.

Repeat, repeat, repeat, then give it a rest for a bit, maybe even a day or two. You'll be surprised that maybe the next time you try it you'll get it.

Work on/drill the trick a little bit each hoop session. Slowly, you will get it. Some moves require patience.

Drill new tricks in combinations of 2 or 3. For example, I like to practice my horizontal (off body) knee breaks & hand spins together. Also, I do a series of palm spins that lead into chest rolls & then BTB elbow weaves. Look for fun ways to combine tricks to drill, it's a lot more fun than just drilling the same trick over & over. Plus, this will help your flow.

Post notes around your house with the trick name on it.

Hoop with 2 hoops. For example, if you're trying to learn or improve your leg hooping, hoop with one hoop on your waist & one hoop on your legs. If you practice like that for a bit, then just try to leg hoop, it will seem MUCH easier!

Have as many different kinds of hoops to experiment with. Different materials, sizes, tubing thickness, weights, grip, etc. If you’re working on a trick & you’re just not getting it, then switch to a different kind of hoop.

If you're working on a trick & you're just not getting it, then switch to a different kind of hoop.

Play different music.

Keep a dry erase board to remind you to work on tricks.

Make videos of yourself learning the trick. That way you can see what you may be doing wrong.

Use a mirror, then try learning the trick without a mirror.

Hoop blindfolded to get a feel for the way the hoop interacts with your body.

Hoop while sitting.

Practice your Isolations while sitting on the couch watching TV. You can watch the TV through your hoop!

Download video clips from Youtube & Facebook, to be able to view them easier.

When watching tutorials or videos that you've downloaded to your computer. Watch in quicktime & use the arrow keys to go frame by frame to break the trick down. You can also open them up in your video editing program (I use imovie or final cut pro) to slow them down.

As you work on the trick, try some of these opposites:

Big hoop vs small hoop

Heavy hoop vs light hoop
Taped hoop vs untaped hoop
Stiff hoop vs rubbery hoop
Body bouncing vs standing still
Loose grip vs tight grip
Open grip cvs closed grip
Momentum or fast speed vs slow speed
Angle the hoop vs horizontal plane vs vertical plane
Mirror vs no mirror

Try things to the left vs try them to the right
Try the trick in your current vs try it in your reverse current
Try it with your right hand vs try it with your left hand
Try more wrist action vs try more arm action

and as always, don't forget to turn with your hoop!!

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3M Transparent Grip Tape
Identi-Tape (bottom of the page) or Amazon.
Sand your hoop with 40-60 grit sandpaper

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