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Handy Additions to Your Hoop Space

Large mirrors are expensive. But you can buy mirror closet
doors from Home Depot for a lot less!

Use dry erase boards to help you remember all the tricks that
you're working on! Instead of buying pre-made dry erase
boards (expensive!) go to the hardware store & pick up a
white wall board for about $14. They are 4' x 8' so have them
trim it down into the sizes that you need. (I cut mine into 3rds)
trick board

Ceiling Support-If you have a particularly low ceiling in your hoop space, hold on to it for balance as you are hooping & work on one leg hooping tricks. Or if your ceilings are high, add a hook to grab on to.

Hoop or Tubing Hooks/Holders:

Hooks from a retail clothing store supply.
awesome hoop rack

hoop rack empty

Large garage hooks from Lowes, with an insert or tube on it to extend it.
hook extension

Use shelf brackets for hoop or tubing storage.

shelf holder hook

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