Beth Piver - - - >Sculpture

Roper Gallery, Frostburg, Maryland

01 candy31 a cherry puff dream copy
40 the lollipopway (makes me dizzy)
29 popbox-waiting for direction30 popbox-on my way32 popbox-goin someplace tasty33 catch a ride to fuzzypop.jpg 34 sweetiepie copy35 hushfluffypuff copy36 just ask the bunnyman37 on the way to comfylush38 popbox-candybox39 supersweetroundabit
02 horizon copy03 caffeine copy04 day of delectation copy05 popbox-unicycle 106 popbox-unicylce 207 megrim08 small paintings09 11 secrets detail copy10 al a carte copy11 fixation copy12 sacchrine13 tokyo14 some would say that's silly15 therapy one16 therapy two17 cushybonbon18 popbox-foofaraw19 small paintings20 mighty soxer with..21 cockaigne copy22 cherry pop copy23 popbox - sugarbuzz24 punkmonkey 125 popbox- portable circus 226 arcana27 popbox-carnival 127 popbox-carnival 228 wild ride 128 wild ride 2

Out of My Head (painted mannequins & paintings on canvas)
Allegany Arts Council Gallery, Cumberland Maryland

bh-big copy bh-circ copy

bh-fluff copy bh-pink copy

bh-pom copy bh-red copy

bh-scoot copy bh-tango copy

bh-show2 copy

bh-show1 copy

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