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Was making this stuff WAY before steampunk came along!

Jewelry (a small sampling).

one-royal one-7

one-jester one-babydoll

guild clown guild-balancing act

tv guySM


Rings copy

gaudi ring 1 gaudi ring 2

HB copy CB copy CCB-B copy

B-web bracelets copy

TBS copy TBW copy

pt-CQ copy pt-UNI copy pt-WNP copy

P61 copy P52-B copy P52-A copy

p68 copy p70 copy p71 copy

P40 copy P53 copy

CP1-B copyCP2-B copyCP3-B copy
CA2-B copyCA5-B copyCA4-B copy
CA9-B copy
E99-B copyE96-B copyE102-B copyE101-B copy

e78 copye09 copye20 copye71 copy
e69 copye79 copye74 copye66 copy

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